Tensioned fabric technology – What is it for?

A foundational change in advertising technology:

  • Previously, permanent systems were used for advertising surfaces.
  • Nowadays, it's a mix of changing and permanent systems.
  • Digital printing technologies on flexible material have been developed.

Benefits of tensioned fabric systems:

  • With tensioned fabric systems, large-scale and long-lasting advertising surfaces can be created in outdoor areas.
  • Tensioned fabric systems are quick to install, easy to maintain and cost-effective to change, as the fabric can be effortlessly replaced.
  • Front or backlit fabrics can be precisely tensioned using the aluminium profiles. An eardrum shaped surface is achieved which is simultaneously secure and flexible.
  • Bendable fabric tensioning profiles and fabrics, which can be foiled or digitally printed, offer a wide variety of design options for events, exhibitions and shopfronts.
  • The use of light in tensioned fabric systems makes further visual effects possible.

Benefits of fabrics over acrylics:

  • Lower weight compared to panes and hoods
  • Joint-free, large-scale surfaces
  • Can be welded for even larger formats
  • Better light distribution
  • Better material price
  • Takes up less space during transport
  • Unsusceptible to damage from storms and sudden temperature fluctuations
  • Fabrics are usually fire protection class B1, fibreglass fabrics can even be class A2

(Kopie 2)

We provide you with patented and tested tensioned fabric systems. We are happy to advise and support you in planning your advertising installation and with structural calculations.