Individuality for your health.

We now also offer complete systems for your protection against viruses.


Our wide range of aluminum profiles for tensioning technology is not only suitable for classic applications such as advertising systems. Especially in the current time, the diverse application possibilities for our systems are evident.


Whether in the checkout area of the supermarket, at reception counters, in doctor's surgeries or in the office - wherever people come into direct contact, our products offer your customers and your employees protection against viruses, such as the Corona virus (Covid-19).


Our offer includes:

Ceiling suspension

  •  Straight or curved version
  •  Available ready-made with oval or round keder rail, including PVC foil and accessories
  •  Alternative wall and ceiling fixings available on request
  •  The length of the stainless steel wire rope can be shortened and adjusted as required
  •  Quick and easy installation with small pack sizes
  •  Dimensions (WxH): 1500 x 700 mm
  •  Special dimensions on request.

Counter display

  •      Available ready-made, including acrylic glass and accessories
  •      Custom made for you
  •      Also available as ceiling suspension
  •      Formats and prices on request.

Partition wall

  • Available ready-made as a single or double-sided version
  • Version with transparent PVC foil or printed textile with flat piping
  • Formats and prices on request.