Detailansicht Box LUMI-GRIP


In addition to LUMI 2000, LUMI GRIP is used to clamped and unclamp the fabric from the front.

The perfect solution for recesses and ceilings

EPS.LUMI GRIP is available in the following versions: Medium main body, Front opening retrofit JR and Front opening wallmounted, which can be used to construct advertising banner and illuminated sign cases. By clamping the fabric from the front, EPS.LUMI GRIP is particularly suitable for applications in areas that are difficult to access such as recesses or for illuminated ceilings.

Profiles for non-illuminated tensioning frames can be fixed directly to the wall without a substructure.

Selection of references

Lichtdecke bei Eitzenhöfer Herborn

Eitzenhöfer Herborn

Illuminated ceiling with LUMI GRIP


LUMI-Rahmen am Flughafen

Airport Dusseldorf

Changeable advertising structure