PROFIL.PLUS service - Because we are more than just profiles!

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Whether in the office or directly on the construction site - our team conducts product training throughout Germany.
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Fabric range

We offer roll sections of quality fabrics in the required lengths. Other tissues such as Facade mesh and indoor fabrics are also available on request.

Custom forms

For creative solutions in particular, we can shape your profiles individually by bending or sawing them. Details on request.
Fachfächer RAL-Töne

Surface treatment

We offer anodized and powder-coated profiles for specific projects. Details on request.
Passgenauer Zuschnitt der Profile

Profile cutting

We not only supply bar lengths, we also fabricate all tensioning frames precisely to your specified dimensions.
Sonderprofile für Projekte

Special solutions

Not the right profile - we also offer you the option of project-related special profiles.