TRIO-Rahmen angestrahlt
Bannerwerbung mit EPS.TRIO


EPS.TRIO is a lightweight aluminum profile with many possible uses. It is suitable for banner frames, stand construction or signage.


  • Stable frame system for large format outdoor applications
  • Simple plug-in system
  • Fast banner change possible

EPS.TRIO - Simple, fast and robust

Triangle aluminium profile

Available as a frame profile with a construction depth of 68 mm. The silver anodised profiles are durable and robust. The frame is supplied with a ready-made corner profile and wall brackets. 

Banner assembly

The fabric is mounted using the supplied expander loops, which ensures even tensioning. The banner can be easily changed by one person without tools.

Aluminium composite possible

The system is also suitable as a frame profile for aluminium composite panels, as an eyelet is provided for this purpose.