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Our profile system EPS.STOR for textile tensioning frames impresses with its appearance and offers long-lasting quality. With a large selection of profiles, we can find individual solutions suitable for your application. The sewn-on flat welt means that the fabric can be stretched very quickly and easily, which makes EPS.STOR particularly suitable for frequently changing advertising messages.

Two variants for all cases

EPS.STOR OUT, specially developed for the outdoor use, is equipped with an innovative folding mechanism that holds the tension reliably in wind and weather. Nevertheless, you can of course always change and reuse your motives easily and quickly without special tools.


EPS.STOR IN offers a large selection of flat welt profiles for indoor use. Due to the different construction depths (from 15 mm to 130 mm), suitable profiles can be found for trade fairs and events, at the POS, as room refinement or for acoustics. Whether for wall mounting, as a room divider or ceiling suspension - we supply the appropriate accessories.

Complete offer for your project

With us you get

... the frames manufactured to dimension as a kit and also delivered directly to your desired location ready for installation.

... modern LED technology for frame or surface illumination for perfect results.

... lightfast, UV-resistant and B1 fire protection certified textile prints that are PVC-free, odorless and easy to dispose of.


  • Large selection - variety of illuminated and unlit textile frames for inside and outside
  • Speed - change of motif without tools
  • Variety of applications - Events, POS, space refining u.v.m.

We have stopped our EPS.STOR OUT configurator. From now on, you can use our new request tool. You have questions, don´t hesitate to contact us.


Our profiles for unlit applications

Grundprofil EPS.STOR OUT unbeleuchtet

Profile SO 66 S

Profil SI 14 C für Würfel

Profile SI 14 C

Profil SI 14 einseitig

Profile SI 14 S

Profil SI 15 einseitig

Profile SI 15 S

Profil SI 22 einseitig

Profile SI 22 S

Profil SI 34 einseitig

Profile SI 34 S

Profil SI 40 doppelseitig

Profile SI 40 D

Profil SI 45 doppelseitig

Profile SI 45 D

Profil SI 50 doppelseitig

Profile SI 50 D

Our profiles for illuminated applications

Grundprofil EPS.STOR OUT beleuchtet

Profile SO 127 S

Profil SI 65 einseitig

Profile SI 65 S

Profil SI 75 einseitig

Profile SI 75 S

Profil SI 90 einseitig

Profile SI 90 S

Profil SI 90 doppelseitig

Profile SI 90 D

Profil SI 110 einseitig

Profile SI 110 S

Profil SI 120 doppelseitig

Profile SI 120 D

Profil SI 130 doppelseitig

Profile SI 130 D

Assembling videos

Selection of references

beleuchteter Rahmen Pieroth

Illuminadet sign case Bakehouse Pieroth

Illuminated frame in Mudersbach


Außenwerbung Möbel - und Modehauses

Furniture and fashion house

Unlit banner in Kaltenkirchen


STOR OUT-Rahmen Media Markt

Media Markt Dusseldorf

Illuminated EPS.STOR OUT frames