Detailansicht LUMI-Box


The front side of all of the profiles has a frameless design, meaning that the motif can run right up to the outer edge of the profile.
The fabric is clamped and unclamped at the side.

Redesign for more Performance

The revised versions of the Retrofits and Main bodies use only a few components and ensure fast, economical and easy assembly. The low profile depth of the large Main bodies 120 mm and 180 mm (replace Main body JR EPS 1-001 and Medium main body JR EPS 1-004) is well suited to LED frame lighting or large-area illumination. The optimized Retrofit AP 59 and AP 65 have also a low profile depth and the new design offers increased stability with the proven clamping technology.

With LUMI you have free choice of profile depth and size format. As a kit, they are also suitable for converting existing acrylic cases.

Broad Cover profiles

For our Main bodies we also offer you new braod cover profiles - anodized on request. These will save you time and money in the production of advertising structures.

Available now!

Overview profile range Main bodies

Grundprofil 120

Main body 120

Grundprofil 180

Main body 180

Grundprofil doppelseitig

Main body doublesided JR

Overview profile range Retrofits

Aufsatzprofil 83 JR

Retrofit 83 JR

Aufsatzprofil leicht

Retrofit JR

Aufsatzprofil schwer

Retrofit SR

Retrofit AP 84 - Available now

Retrofit AP 97 - Available now

New offer: pre-welded corner modules.Read more.

Selection of references

LUMI-Rahmen als Deckenanhängung

Airport Munich

LUMI profiles in the as yet largest LED installation.


Leuchtwand SiemensForum

Siemens Forum

Oversized in Munich.


Nachtansicht Buchstabe Q

Shopping mall Quarree

"Eyecatcher" for shopping mall.